About Us

Our Mission:

Integrity Ministries exists to help us as business and professional men to integrate every area of life around our Christian faith; to be men of integrity in the way we do business, lead our families, serve our churches, and conduct ourselves in the communities where we live.

Our Values:

We view Christ as the integrating center for every sphere of life. Everything we do as an organization is designed to honor Him.

We aim for integrity of life and faith as the guiding principle for all of our activities and programs, and are committed to modeling this principle as an organization.

We embrace the Bible as the inspired word of God, and the final authority in giving direction to the teaching and planned activities of the organization.

We see relationships as the backbone of our ministry. We are committed to helping each other deepen our relationships with Christ, our families, and each other through fellowship, networking, encouragement, accountability, and mutual prayer.

We practice acceptance toward members in our groups without regard for their church affiliation or level of spiritual maturity.

We encourage openness in the sharing of ideas, convictions, feelings, dreams, and failures – without fear of condemnation.

We recognize that spiritual maturity is a growth process; that the timing and rate of growth is different for each person; and that no one has yet arrived.

We seek a cooperative relationship with local churches, not a competitive one. Our ministry is intended to supplement and expand the work of the church, not replace it.